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Welcome to ClickSentry, home of the free, reciprocal link check tool and manager. We are happy to be able to give back to the SEO and SEM community and provide our free SEO tools and webmaster tools to anyone who finds them useful. We will be adding more seo and webmaster tools as time permits and have a number of enhancements scheduled for our reciprocal link manager. Currently, our reciprocal link manager tool has contains the following features:

  • Supports unlimited domains and urls
  • weekly/montly reporting by url,domain, or all links
  • reports can be sent via email
  • Bulk importing of links
  • Google Page Rank for the link page
  • Google Page Rank for the receiving page
  • Number of pages in domain in the Google index
  • Number of links pointing to a particular page in the Google index
  • If the page exists in the Google index

Be sure to visit the new, ClickSentry forums to learn more about our reciprocal link manager, link checker or to help with any questions or problems you may be having.

Reciprocal Link Tool

If you are tired of wasting your time tracking reciprocal links to your web site, you have come to the right place. Our free reciprocal link tool will keep track of all of your reciprocal links, verify that they exist on the proper page, and report their status back to you once a week. The best part is that our link check tool is 100% free. Check out our webmaster and seo tools for more information.

If you are ready to get started, sign up for your free account now. We only ask that you sign up for an account, so we can keep all of your links and other information in one place. We will never do anything with your email address other than notify you about an update to the system or a problem with your account.

If you want to check one link or try a slimmed down version use our link checker. Please note: This will only check one page at a time and does not have 1/100th of the functionality of the free full featured link checker. But, this will work fine if you want to verify a link exists on a page and do not want to crawl through the HTML.

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